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Designs Intellect holds some Privacy Policy for its users which helps you to determine how information is collected? What use do we make of the information? How your privacy will keep intact and so on. Here are some clauses that have been stated to clarify the above statements.

Upon Accessing the Website

On your access to our website www.designsintellect.com, the site cookies collect information about the usage, visited links, IP address, and the browser used to access the site. All these statistics are collected and stored for the purpose of improvement and keeping track of the traffic on our website, and also to provide you with the better user experience.

Personal Information Collection

Our website only collects information that you provide us including your name, address, transaction details and so on, depending purely on the nature of service require.

Use of Information

We use client information only that is required by the project nature and necessary to carry out the project tasks. This may require communication using your e-mail address, telephone number and so on; also sending invoices and associated details to meet the business needs and demands.

Securing Your Data

Our site uses secure servers to store the data and cookies in order to maintain the data integrity. The information is only accessible by authorized persons to improve the site performance, better and improved performance. The data is fully prevented from the access of unauthorized personals and is solely used in the interest of enhancing site experience or client’s project.

Third-party Service Providers/ External Links

Designs Intellect does not hold any responsibility for the protection of your personal information and concerned privacy policies for any of the third-party web services/ sites/ links that you visit. In addition to that, we do not willingly record your personal data, and also, you are advised not to provide any of your personal or transactional details on any external site unless you are assured of its privacy and security details. However, if you provide any sort of detail to the external link, we do not hold responsibility for any security breach as we have clearly notified you in the previous clause.

Upon Contacting Us

When you contact us via e-mail, telephone, or e-mail address, your details will be stored in our detail log. The purpose of storing information is to provide you an update and better response for your concerned queries in the future as well. If you have any questions about the privacy policy, you can contact us here.